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What method do you plan to use to house train your puppy?
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Please tell us about the other pets you have now. What kind of pets? What are their gender and ages?
Have you ever owned a Bichon before?
If any of your dogs have been lost or died, please explain the circumstances.
If you have owned a dog and decided to give it up, please explain why and with whom the dog was placed.
How did you learn about this litter?
Would you prefer male, female or either?

Keeping a Bichon is not an inexpensive endeavor and requires time and patience to ensure needs are met. These include quality food, veterinary care, grooming and training. Are you confident that you know how much this dog will cost you to maintain?
Bichon and Lowchen pet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and limited registration. Please initial to indicate your understanding and acceptance of this condition of purchase. Initial.*